The University of Maryland Chinese Students and Scholars Association is a non-profit organization founded in 2005, originated from a passionate group of Chinese students who sought to encourage active communication and interaction between communities with Chinese cultural backgrounds. CSSA is currently the most popular officially registered organization for students of Chinese ethnic at UMD, including more than 2000 members of graduates, undergraduates, and visiting scholars.

CSSA serves to achieve the goal of assisting and supporting students both inside and outside of campus. We organize events and meetings to help new incoming Chinese students to better adapt to American culture and society, to advocate friendly communication within and outside of the Chinese community, and to promote a variety of recreational activities to provide more opportunity for students to share and bond with cultural similarities.

马里兰大学学生学者联合会(University of Maryland Chinese Students and Scholars Association) 成立于2005年,是由马里兰大学华人学生成立的公益学生组织。马里兰大学CSSA是在马里兰大学正式注册的最大的华人学生组织,同时也是中国驻华盛顿大使馆唯一官方认证的马大华人学生组织。目前,包括所有马大本科生,研究生,访问学者教员在内,我们已成为超过2000成员的大家庭。